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Our interactive and design capabilities combine consumer insight, strategy, and creativity. The result? Consumer experiences are more dynamic, elegant, and thought provoking. Simply put, we specialize in developing game-changing ideas and redefining how brands connect with people. So no matter which direction the market heads, your brand will be ready for what’s next.


Benjamin Bennett

Benjamin founded Massive Studios with the belief that even a small brand management firm can competitively deliver big results. In the marketing and design business for over 17 years, Benjamin brings a professional yet creative approach to brand strategy, social media, print and web design & development.

Benjamin's client experience has run the gamut from retail and outdoor industries to technology and manufacturing, as well as health and pharmaceuticals, architects/planners, and builders.

As a passionate cyclist, Benjamin's time in the saddle has taught him the lessons of perseverance and endurance — just a little something Benjamin integrates daily as part of Massive Studios' modus operandi. His employees are just glad they don't have to keep up with him on his pre-dawn rides.

Lyle Hebel
Senior Web Strategist

Affectionately known as Massive's Pixel Jockey, Lyle specializes in web development and designing highly functional user interfaces, focusing on desktop and mobile display, SEO, and social media marketing. Lyle is highly proficient in all things PHP, CSS, MySQL, WordPress and Mac.

Hailing from a long line of Montana & Wyoming ranchers, hard work and dedication are not lost on Lyle, as he also lends his expertise as an Adjunct Professor at Montana State University, instructing courses in Advanced Web Development.

When's he's not busy hand-coding CSS, Lyle is happily occupied with his beautiful family, scouting for big game animals, raising chickens, working as the Region 3 director for the Montana Bowhunters Association, or adding new features to his side-project FlyFishingReports.com.

Brian Sullivan
Environmental / Brand Designer

Sometimes you just have to leave home to know where you belong. Born and raised in Montana, Brian took the opportunity to extensively explore the world, only to find that his travels would eventually lead him back to the 'Last Best Place'.

Graduating with a Bachelor in Environmental Design and Masters in Architecture from Montana State University, Brian soon realized that his passion for the arts grew beyond structures. Searching out many design avenues, Brian discovered that his creativity is driven when projects become an opportunity to learn and do something different.

Eventually his passion for adventure and all things creative found their way to Massive, and Brian joined the crew in the summer of 2011. And we'll take him, even if he is from Missoula ... and a Griz fan.

Chantel Naylor
Brand Designer

Even as a child Chantel showed an appreciation for striking imagery and design, and she began collecting all the postcards that caught her eye. Her high-school art teacher perceived Chantel’s passion and encouraged her to pursue graphic design. She did, and went on to earn a BFA from Montana State University.

Chantel especially loves imprint design and the pleasure of holding a finished product in her hands. She exercises the talent she brings to Massive by creating specialty prints in her spare time using letterpress techniques and her own calligraphy.

A Montana native, Chantel enjoys seeing the landscape from the seat of her bicycle. She also golfs, catches as many great music shows as she can, and still adds the occasional postcard to her collection.

Bret Sander
Brand Designer

Raised in small town Montana, Bret developed a solid work ethic by adhering to his father’s one simple life rule, “do it right the first time.” With access to his dad’s machine shop, Bret and his three older siblings grew up exploring hands-on, technical skills that intuitively instilled a love of design.

The beauty of western Montana eventually lured Bret to Montana State University, where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Bret’s educational experiences ranged from fabrication and product design, to visual marketing, to clothing graphics.

When Bret isn’t working, you can find him outside with friends mountain biking or dirt biking. And when it’s too dark to ride, Bret spends time drawing and painting, always striving to get it right.

Laura Ryan
Creative Services Manager

After 15 years of owning and operating an independent mountaineering store, Laura knows a thing or two about merchandising and marketing. Her time spent in retail imparted the importance of good design, solid customer service, and the knowledge of what drives customers to brands.

With degrees in English Literature and Biological Psychology, Laura is well adept at navigating and maintaining all front office functions, as well as juggling personnel and vendor management. A few stints at teaching Freshman Writing at Montana State University also prepped Laura for quick editing or copywriting tasks that cross her desk.

In order to maintain equilibrium outside of Massive Studios, Laura keeps busy tending an urban garden, wrangling her domestic canines, and desperately trying to keep up with her kid on skis.


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